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How To Use Voice Assistant For Productivity — Senstone

In this article we share some tips and tricks on how to make your work flow as smooth and efficient […]

Social Media vs. Productivity

Unpopular opinion: you can have a Facebook account and get things done. Productivity should not come at the cost of […]

6 Tips To Double Your Productivity With Remote Work

With more and more people getting vaccinated – 37% of the world population is no joke, – restrictions are lifting, […]

Break the Dopamine Cycle With Scripter

Scripter is a wearable voice recorder, and dopamine is a neural transmitter. The two are related in more ways than […]

Senstone App and Scripter

The long-awaited launch of Scripter has shown just how much the new device has changed compared to the first wearable […]

Scripter: What No Phone Can Do

Scripter, the new wearable by Senstone, can record audio and transcribe voice into text without you ever needing to reach […]

Voice Input To Replace Keyboard?

The speech to text software has been changing the way we record information. Slowly, but surely, more and more people […]

Go Premium With Accurate

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Accurate Plan For Senstone   It has been a couple of years since […]

Speech-to-Text In 2021

With each passing year, Android speech to text apps are getting better and better at doing their job, and the […]

Convert Voice to Text: The How and the Why

Let’s be frank: we have become used to the idea you can convert voice to text with little effort (or […]

Diary Suited For a Spacecraft

“The human race must start leaving Earth within 30 years to avoid being wiped out by over-population and climate change”, Professor Stephen Hawking […]

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