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5 Things That Kill Your Productivity

15 May, 2019

There are many reasons why people can’t achieve the results they want. However, there are things that we can try to fix in order to work better. Here’s a couple of challenges you can try tackling in order to be more productive.

Lack of sleep

We won’t be the first ones to tell you that productivity starts from your bed. If you don’t sleep well the night before, there is no way can’t expect to have a highly productive day. Without resting properly, you can’t be efficient at work. A good night’s sleep will help you make fewer mistakes, make better decisions, and even improve your memory.

Chatter and other distractions and interruptions

Pauses help to maintain focus. It is always worth having a coffee, eating a snack or talking to a colleague for five minutes. However, you don’t want the workplace to turn into a coffee shop, as this is dangerous to the productivity of everyone in the office. To prevent that from happening, be sure that you and other employees are able to have enough time for lunch and appropriate break times every single day.


At some point in our lives, many of us had to become a “Julius Caesar” and do dozens of things at once. However, according to Forbes, “only about 2% are good at multitasking, and these ‘supertaskers are true outliers.’ For most of us, we’re not really multitasking – we’re actually shifting back and forth from one task to another.” By doing that our brain loses up to 40% of its productivity, as it needs some time to switch between the activities. So prioritize, encourage a “be here now” culture, and model the behavior you want to see – give the work and people around you your full attention.

Fear of missing out

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with a trap that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Internet in general. Every platform offers an immense amount of information, and we constantly feel the need to check it, or else we would miss out on something important. The truth is, there is too much information, and trying to keep up with it only leads to burnout. Even more so, using the screen too much can shrink your brain. So try reducing the amount of notifications around you – start by turning them off for social media apps, at least while working on something important.


According to Robby Miles, an expert on productivity, time feels endless, so it’s totally reasonable and natural to put things off. We seek anything that will give us the sense that we’re still working, when in reality we aren’t making any progress. And although we know that procrastination hurts, we do it anyway. But how to quit? First of all, stop punishing yourself for it. Then break down your big goal into smaller bits and visualize the result you want. Lose your fear. And just start your work right now. Voila! Just don’t forget to reward yourself.

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