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Best Way to Convert Audio to Text

12 Feb, 2020

Before each of us may one day rise sharply the question of how to convert audio file to text or decrypt it with a minimum of effort on our part. Decoding of audio files is a tedious and not the most pleasant task. But we are living in a technology age, which means we have many options to transcribe audio files.

Decoding records increases the perception of content. This is due to the fact that a significant part of Internet users have rather poor audio playback speed, or they better perceive information in the form of text. In addition, do not forget about the importance of textual factors for the search. Despite the obvious benefits of transcription, many reject it, citing a lack of resources and opportunities.

There are people who hate voice messaging. Read the text and see if there is anything useful and interesting there, often faster than listening to five-minute audio. Many of us prefer texts in many situations: when they are in public places without headphones and at work. Owners of sites that constantly post audio content should remember those who, for one reason or another, cannot view or listen to information. But can read it.

Problems when creating text material arise for a number of reasons:

  • specific emphasis;

  • speech defects;

  • interference during recording;

  • dialect;

  • slang.

Fortunately, technology is improving and tools are getting better every day. With their help, you can achieve accuracy of 80% or even 90%, which undoubtedly saves your time.

Recently, a voice recorder is often used to record meetings or negotiations. The pluses include a higher accuracy of the recording, the ability to record the statements of several simultaneously speaking participants in the meeting (this happens when there are contradictions at the meeting or when time is limited, each hurry to express their opinion). A professional voice recorder Senstone is a device for recording oral speech for the purpose of further reproduction and transcription.

The voice recorder is best suited for journalists and correspondents who are always on the move and often do personal interviews or reports from the scene. Moreover, not only professionals often need it, but also ordinary users in their daily lives.

Want to work faster and more efficiently? Use your voice instead of recordings manually? Go to Senstone – the solution is right for you. Easy to manage, this device provides maximum efficiency for your daily work. No matter where you are – in a meeting, in the office or on the go.

Its ability to transcribe is fairly remarkable — in quiet environments, it accurately translated long sentences to text fairly quickly with hardly any errors. The app is well-designed and lets you edit translated text in case there are some errors.

Because you wear the device, Senstone is more efficient than paper and pen or even a smartphone app. From there, Senstone automatically converts your speech into text and organizes your notes. Using its speech-to-text technology, the device automatically writes down whatever you need it to. Think of it as a hands-free digital notepad.

Despite the popularization of audio content, a text document will always win as in the preparation of documents. Contrary to all, transcription or, in other words, the translation of audio into text, is a service in demand to this day.

Senstone is an easy-to-use voice recorder that guarantees best-in-class speech recognition in any situation. The sound recorder is ideal for recording short notes or long conversations, lectures, interviews or meetings. Regardless of your needs, you will always have a digital sound recorder at your fingertips that perfectly copes with the task of any complexity.

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