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Better Studying: 4 Things to Say “No” to

15 May, 2019

If you’re a student, chances are you’re either past or right in the middle of your midterms and other “fun” activities. We know what it feels like. Chaos and panic. And sometimes the only thing that you need is little control over our deadlines and tasks. We believe that implementing technology is essential to improving your results at school. It’s not just that technology is so cool (although it is). But it can replace things that seem essential to studying process, yet are serving neither your productivity nor your well-being. Here’s a list of 4 things worth eliminating to support your educational progress.

No need for endless notepads

We all know that writing down endless lists of tasks won’t get you anywhere. You write them over and over in different notepads, diaries, and planners, then leave those behind or never come back to them. Moreover, paper leads to mess. And a mess is a direct route to losing concentration. Dealing with more paper is the thing you least want to do during an active phase of your studies. As we wrote earlier, keeping your desk clear is one of the ways of staying sharp. Find a way to keep your notes, lists, etc. in one place.  

No distractions

Studying is hard and requires being very attentive. It’s easy when preparing for the next class in the library or at home in complete solitude, with your devices put on mute. But what about those moments when you’re in school, surrounded by classmates? Often even the smallest thing can distract you. A class-note, a to-do, or a deadline just appear in your head, and you can’t afford to forget them. You start looking for your planner, and by the time you’re done your pace is ruined, and concentration is lost. Since you can’t put the world around you on mute, figure out a simple way to capture everything that needs to be remembered before you get distracted. For instance, by using voice commands on your devices.

No weighty backpacks

It has been proven that heavy bags full of books cause chronic back pain in those who go to school or university. Do you really need another thing in your massive backpack? You better leave some space in there for a healthy snack and let your phone, an app, or a wearable make sure you are cool and collected.

No old-school methods

Implement technology into your school life. Modern gadgets and apps are able to do things faster and smarter than you can imagine. Think about notes. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had someone to prioritize and organize them for you, so you don’t get lost? Color-code and sort your notes by time, date or a tag, so you’ll never need to search for anything again! You can come back to your memos where and when you need to, even if it’s somewhere like a party or public transportation. It’s easy and convenient. Even more so, since it does all the boring stuff for you and saves time, you have more space for creativity.
Psssst. Just don’t use it to cheat in class! ?

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