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How To Use Voice Assistant For Productivity — Senstone

In this article we share some tips and tricks on how to make your work flow as smooth and efficient […]

Take Notes in Your Own Words: Guide

Taking notes in your own words is a crucial skill. You can convey concepts more clearly than the original text, […]

How to Take Notes in a Meeting

Knowing how to take notes in a meeting can spell the difference between success and failure. The devil is in […]

IoT Wearables For Dummies

IoT (Internet of Things) wearables are wearable devices equipped with sensors, connectivity capabilities, and often a user interface that allows […]

Wearables For Doctors: Evolving Healthcare

There has been a trend for wearables among doctors, and some wearable devices cater to doctors specifically. The reason for […]

Household Robots Will Save You From Chores by 2050

The future is full of household robots. If you think this is a sensationalist claim (“yeah, sure; moon colonies by […]

Wearable Technology Trends: From Pet AI to Smart Clothes

Wearable technology trends have evolved significantly over the past few years. As wearables transcended their initial role as a fitness […]

Wearable Recording Device: Soon at Your Office

When you hear “wearable recording device”, you probably imagine a hidden camera straight out of a spy movie. This is […]

Digital Detox For Students: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital detox for students is an interesting topic. On one hand, students have to spend time online. From e-learning to […]

5 Signs You Need a Phone Detox

Even if you’ve never heard the term ‘phone detox’ before, you can probably tell what it means. Taking a break […]

‘Scarily Good’: The Voice Technology Revolution

Voice technology got impressive when we weren’t looking. Seemingly out of nowhere, cutting-edge solutions pop up one by one, and […]

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