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How To Use Voice Assistant For Productivity — Senstone

In this article we share some tips and tricks on how to make your work flow as smooth and efficient […]

The Only Thing Senstone Users Care About

What defines the best lapel microphone is its efficiency and reliability with AI backed software. Most of the time, it’s […]

Senstone vs Notepad App

A wearable voice recorder, or a mere notion of it, may incite the pictures of lapel microphones or spy gadgets […]

How Lapel Microphones Are Transforming Productivity

Involved in production of media know that the black button mounted on somebody’s tie is but a tip of the […]

Best Way to Convert Audio to Text

Before each of us may one day rise sharply the question of how to convert audio file to text or […]

Taking Meeting Notes with Senstone

Often we can think about how to take meeting notes in a quality and professional manner. And the answer is: […]

Best Recorders for a Meeting

In a boardroom, a meeting recorder can save you a lot of time and money. In your car, that same […]

Using Voice Memo Apps

Voice memos on your phone are useful for all kinds of things, such as notes, interviews, and other everyday tasks. […]

Voice is our future, or why Voice will replace typing by 2030?

Many of us constantly work with e-mails or shared documents, all of us are rewritten in messengers, without noticing, we […]

Smart Voice Recorder

Reinventing Voice Recorder The idea of a smart voice recorder would be unthinkable not twenty years ago, but now it’s […]

Screen Free Manifesto, or Our 21st Century Challenge

I must say from the very beginning: the publication of this train of thoughts is long overdue. For me it […]

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