Voice Assistant for Business - Senstone

Be more engaged

From the start of your meetings till the end, confidently converse with teams and clients, while Senstone works in the background, recording and transcribing conversations, so you’ll remember everything.

Collaborate on the go

As a wearable voice recorder, Senstone helps you record, create and share audio and text notes with your team– in real-time. By syncing to the Cloud seamlessly, so nobody misses a piece of critical information.

Interesting Fact: stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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Stay productive!

Spend less time reaching for your phone or typing on paper. Senstone gets rid of distractions and interruptions, so your team collaborates better to accomplish great feats.

Reduce information overload

A convenient way to capture vital details without affecting workflow at office or in a meeting

Great visibility

Store files by time, location, and tags to brings more order into your inspirations and ideas

Works with your favorite apps

Don’t have to give up your favorite tools, Senstone integrates and exports notes to diverse notetaking apps

Interesting Fact: stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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Stay in the know

Learn more about our delicious offers and product updates as soon as they are released

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Work Bigger and Better

Designed to help you work from anywhere, Senstone includes offline capabilities, so you can store ideas, even when working on something else. That way you can quickly capture tasks, and share when convenient. With Senstone Business, your team can stay work smarter, and stay on top of your goals.

Choose your style

The best material for Senstone to look and feel right. All models feature a scratch-proof tempered screen.