Voice Assistant for Business - Senstone

Be present and engaged - remember everything

Effortlessly record decisions and share with your team. Get useful analytics from your business conversations.

Fully concentrated and passionate work

Senstone saves you from getting distracted while reaching for your smartphone and looking for the necessary app. Especially when focusing is critical. Tap on the Senstone to start recording and speak. Tap again and it stops. All audio and text notes are synced to the Cloud seamlessly.

Interesting Fact: stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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Stay productive!

Live in a hurry and have no time even to note? It’s not about you anymore!

Meeting after meeting

A convenient device to capture without affecting work flow. During the work processes or between meetings.

Everything organized

Invite more order to your memos. Notes are structured by time, location and tags (iOS).

Speak into favorite apps

Notes are easily exported to other notetaking apps. Share and be productive!

Interesting Fact: stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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Record and transcribe - coming soon!

Simple teamwork and every word captured. Isn’t this fantastic? Subscribe for all the important updates!

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Create and work during other activities

Senstone lets you quickly capture all your tasks & ideas. All notes are automatically transcribed into text and securely stored for convenient access later. The device works offline, and is perfect to use when driving, walking, or being busy with something else.

Choose your style

The best material for Senstone to look and feel right. All models feature a scratch-proof tempered screen.