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Voice of Tomorrow: Senstone’s Vision for a Transformed Future

Senstone represents a transformative leap in note-taking and information capture. We strive to redefine how people document their life experiences […]

IoT Wearables For Dummies

IoT (Internet of Things) wearables are wearable devices equipped with sensors, connectivity capabilities, and often a user interface that allows […]

Wearables For Doctors: Evolving Healthcare

There has been a trend for wearables among doctors, and some wearable devices cater to doctors specifically. The reason for […]

Household Robots Will Save You From Chores by 2050

The future is full of household robots. If you think this is a sensationalist claim (“yeah, sure; moon colonies by […]

Wearable Technology Trends: From Pet AI to Smart Clothes

Wearable technology trends have evolved significantly over the past few years. As wearables transcended their initial role as a fitness […]

‘Scarily Good’: The Voice Technology Revolution

Voice technology got impressive when we weren’t looking. Seemingly out of nowhere, cutting-edge solutions pop up one by one, and […]

Top 5 Unexpected Benefits of Wearable Technology

While wearables offer many benefits we’re familiar with, like helping us stay in shape, they have some underrated, surprising advantages. […]

How Do Wearables Connect to Your Smartphone?

Have you ever wondered how wearables connect to your smartphone? How do they “know” to send data to your phone […]

The Digital Divide & Why We Should Fight It

Our world is facing another challenge: the so-called digital divide. This term is used to describe the growing technological disparity […]

Inclusive Design in Tech: Top 5 Examples

If you’re looking for examples of inclusive design, you might be surprised to learn that many features we now take […]

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