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A Secret to Better Rest, how to sleep better?

There is no way around the fact that screens interfere with our sleep, and screen free devices are a welcome […]

Smart Voice Recorder

Reinventing Voice Recorder The idea of a smart voice recorder would be unthinkable not twenty years ago, but now it’s […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need Senstone? If notetaking is an inevitable part of your daily life; if you want to […]

Voice is a New Typing

According to the Global Web Index, at least 325,8 million people used voice control for their gadgets in January of last year. That […]

How to make most of your notetaking

When taking notes, writing, recording or sketching them out is only half the job. The other half, and probably, the […]

More movement – more creativity

Steve Jobs was famous for his “walking meetings,” a Silicon Valley tradition, continued by Mark Zuckerberg. But have you ever […]

How to keep your brain clear and stay sharp

Being a modern professional is quite a challenge. Remember how you started reading that one e-mail in the middle of […]

Forget About Forgetfulness

We have all been there. There’s something you had to do this morning, but for the love of everything that’s […]

How to take productive meeting notes

It doesn’t matter if it’s a ten-minute daily standup or a quarterly report presentation; there’s always something to write down […]

The best time of day to work: when and why

Some of us are early birds, and the others are night owls. But no matter which one you are, if […]

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