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Why Note-Taking Apps Are a Big Deal

Few people realise their favourite note-taking app is constantly vying for their attention. In the world where everyone takes digital […]

7 Tips for Work From Home Productivity

Maintaining productivity while working from home can be a challenge for many. This is especially true if you’re not used […]

Tiny, Wireless and Screen Free Recorder.

Desperation when its a big moment in a big meeting and you forget all your best idea? With Scripter you […]

Record Your Ideas and Bring Them to Life

We experience 6200 thoughts every day. Forgetting most of them. What if capturing ideas was convenient and easy?

Climate Change Impact: Remote Work & More

The impact of climate change is growing, covering more territories and affecting more people all over the world. Unfortunately, the […]

Digital Minimalism: The Future of Work

Look, I know what you’re thinking: last year everyone was swearing up and down online video conferences were the future […]

6 Tips To Double Your Productivity With Remote Work

With more and more people getting vaccinated – 37% of the world population is no joke, – restrictions are lifting, […]

Scripter: What No Phone Can Do

Scripter, the new wearable by Senstone, can record audio and transcribe voice into text without you ever needing to reach […]

Voice Input To Replace Keyboard?

The speech to text software has been changing the way we record information. Slowly, but surely, more and more people […]

Go Premium With Accurate

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Accurate Plan For Senstone   It has been a couple of years since […]

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