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How Does Sam Altman Take Notes?

    If you want to know how Sam Altman takes notes, you’re in luck. The famous CEO of OpenAI […]

How Does Jeff Bezos Take Notes?

If you know how Jeff Bezos takes notes, you have sneaked a peek into the mind of the richest person […]

How Did Marie Curie Take Notes?

Marie Curie’s note-taking technique involved keeping separate journals for research and personal matters. Her lab notes are the most dangerous […]

Thomas Edison and His Notebooks

Thomas Edison’s notebooks are legendary for several reasons. For example, there are 3,500 of them and… But we’re getting ahead […]

How Does Richard Branson Take Notes?

If you know how Richard Branson takes notes, you get a glimpse of his mindset – and who would pass […]

How Does Elon Musk Take Notes?

Note-taking habits can reveal a lot about a person, and it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in […]

How Does Bill Gates Take Notes?

Bill Gates takes a lot of notes throughout the day, and he uses pen and paper. That is the short […]

Secrets: How Taylor Swift Writes Her Songs

Taylor Swift knows how to write a song: her tour boosted the US economy by $5 billion and caused a […]

Kickstarter For Tech Startups In 2022

You often hear about Kickstarter and tech startups as this match made in heaven, startup founders attributing a large part […]

Senstone vs Notepad App

A wearable voice recorder, or a mere notion of it, may incite the pictures of lapel microphones or spy gadgets […]

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