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What Is Senstone?

  Senstone Inc. is a U.S.-based tech company manufacturing AI-powered wearable recorders. List of Senstone Products & Services   The […]

Miniaturization of Technology & How It Affects You

Progress never stands still, and the miniaturization of technology is one of its most significant steps; like the Moon landing […]

Type With Your Mind, Not Your Hands

It has been 57 years since Alvin Lucier used his brain waves to manipulate percussion instruments and create Music for […]

How to Write a Book: 12 Steps From Jerry Jenkins

For those of you who wondered how to write a book and succeed, we have put together recommendations from one […]

Story behind Senstone

This is the story of Senstone told by company’s founder and CEO Nazar Fedorchuk. Idea The idea of Senstone came […]

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