Senston Personal Assistant Features

Immediate recording, everywhere

Always capture tasks and ideas you can’t afford losing.

Available anytime

Imagine walking in the busy street or driving a car and capturing thoughts or reminders with the speed of thought. That is a personal assistant. Always with you.


At home


On the fly







Interesting Fact: Senstone’s battery life after full charge - 5 days!

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Capturing everything

Being able to take notes on the go is critical — be it your personal goals, your breakthrough ideas or your travel journal.





Interesting Fact: stay organized with Senstone between meetings!

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New level of freedom

Yes, it’s that easy. And here is your note, editable and easy to find.

Automatic Speech-to-Text

You speak and it automatically transcribes. Transcription are stored with an audio.

Maximum Recording

Up to 3 mins in one take. Designed for the convenience of quick capturing.

Transcription Accuracy

90% and higher*

Noise Reduction

Single microphone, short range sensitivity.


All tracks are encrypted both on the device and during the transfer.

3-4 days of battery life

You can have 3 hours of continuous recordings or 1 week in standby mode.

As great as it can be

Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual touchscreen and move forward with a more sophisticated but yet simple voice interface.

Daily Logs

Software platform does speech processing of the voice memos and puts them into daily logs.


A recording stored on your phone is backed up with your Cloud account.

Audio and Text

Store your notes with original audio files - everything in the app.

Todos and Reminders

Create lists and reminders with the help of keywords, and hashtags. Search them by content and tags.


Edit and share the note with other people.


More transcriptions and larger Cloud storage for all your records.

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Create and work during other activities

Senstone is a standalone device so you can take notes and create lists when its not connected to your smartphone. It records for up to 2 hours when offline. Then it automatically syncs your notes in the cloud when you are back in range.

Choose your style

The best material for Senstone to look and feel right. All models feature a scratch-proof tempered screen.