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Focus, Productivity, and Audio Notes

28 May, 2020

Conventional notes are not the be-all and end-all – a wearable voice recorder can be of much greater help when it comes to productivity and getting things done. It achieves what no phone or notebook has ever been able to offer: uninterrupted focus, zero distractions, and immense contribution to your efficiency.

On Productivity & Staying Focused

Contrary to popular belief, a garden variety notes app is actually not as effective as advertised. Sure, you have the to-do list and some memos jotted down, but the devil is in the details.

In and of itself, the idea of note-taking is pretty clever in that it exploits the inherent features of the human brain. Notes let us remember what we might have forgotten otherwise, but they also free up our “working memory”. In other words, we can store important information for later use elsewhere and move on. Arguably, this is the most important benefit and the entire purpose of notes. Out of sight, out of mind. Nobody would want to have to mentally recite a list of groceries while working on a project due tomorrow!

But when we start using an audio recorder or a notes app, we are expected to follow a very specific sequence. And not just expected! It is the only way to go about the whole thing.

Step by step: look for your phone or recorder, take it in your hand, look at it, press some buttons or tap the screen a few times, bring up the recording menu, press the big red button, speak, press the button again, figure out where to put the recorder again… Unfortunately, the very first step ruins our mind’s attempt at deep work. Not to mention that we might get stuck browsing something completely unrelated! Few people can resist a compilation of cat videos.

And yet, studies reveal that checking your phone for as little as a second has a huge effect on memorization and focus. Every time you do it, your brain has to start paying attention all over again. It gets old pretty quick, and productivity takes a plunge.

The good news is that some gadgets – namely, wearable recorders – can help you take notes and remain concentrated, no downsides.

Scripter by Senstone is a perfectly screen free audio recorder. You do not need to look away from your work to start recording – just tap a button clipped to your collar.

The audio is then automatically transcribed and processed to weed out any spelling errors. What you get is the liberating effect of note-taking, the information you recorded, and your concentration intact – and somewhere along the way you realize you can have your cake and eat it too.

As more and more people grow aware of the impact of multitasking and constant distraction, we are here to provide an easy way to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency. We believe technology is a force for good – as long as it brings out your strengths and helps you along.

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Good luck and stay sharp!

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