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How Can Sales and Businesses Use Senstone?

27 Dec, 2019

Business is committed to increasing its profits, including by introducing and using modern technologies. Wearable voice recorders are most often used for sales and business. In this sense, sales through voice assistants are a new trend. How to use Voice Assistant for Business ? A voice assistant is an artificial intelligence-based service that recognizes human speech and can perform a certain action in response to a voice command. When communicating with the user they take into account the change in their location, time of day and days of the week, the history of search queries, previous orders in the online store etc.


In recent years, voice technologies have made a huge leap and a technological breakthrough.While not many consumers are engaged in “voice shopping”, many still prefer to leaf pages in the browser and add products to the virtual basket. However, sales through digital voice recorders are growing. The voice assistants are impressive. In their function, they know how to record phone interviews, can simultaneously replace call center operators, sales managers, secretaries, taxi order service managers, bank consultants or hedge agents.

How to use Voice Assistant for Business? 

Voice assistants recognize 97% of speech, and instantly search for and analyze information. Voice memos are a great way to quickly record any audio on the go, and they can be easily edited, cropped, or added to later. Wearable voice recorders can also transcribe a dialogue, that is, translate speech into text. The usefulness of a virtual assistant is measured not by its intelligence, but by the quality of speech recognition and integration with various applications and services. While the intellectual helpers market is at the early adopters stage, there are certainly further prospects for its development.

Today there is already a lot of voice branding in the market. In this regard, companies keep up with the times and are also trying to use this channel to promote their goods and brand. With the growing popularity of using a voice assistant, the commercial benefits for the retailer and e-commerce are more than obvious. First, companies will be able to reduce the flow of calls to call centers by forwarding their customers to a voice assistant who will already advise the user on basic questions about the service or product, and, most importantly, will help make the purchase. Second, using the voice-enabled feedback-gathering interface, companies can improve their service, saving your marketing budget. Third, the voice assistant will make working with the company’s database much easier by taking on the updating of the customer’s information and keeping the history of his previous calls. Fourth, virtual voice assistants can count on sales growth.

Fifth, voice assistants work well to increase loyalty and engagement. With the ability to order online stores quickly, you can avoid the problem of stopping the customer at the stage of shopping cart formation. In other words, impulsive purchases can again bring additional revenue to brands. Sixth, brands can save money they previously spent on creative content delivery in their online stores. In the future, the information on the company’s website will be adapted to the audio recording devices.

For brands, using voice service is a unique, entirely new way to work with the target audience, so many are now developing their own skills and using assistants as consultants. And for customers, it’s an opportunity to get the product or information right now, without spending more time searching the Internet. For brand image, this also plays a huge role, as it emphasizes its innovation.Perhaps today, the services that smart voice assistants provide may seem primitive. But it is worth looking at the dynamics of their development, as it becomes clear that in a few years they will take on much of what people know.Voice assistants for business are a given, and we only have to accept this fact and begin to master this new tool with a huge potential.


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