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How To Make Commute More Productive

14 May, 2019

Getting to your office or university is never pleasant. Traffic jams, stress and, most importantly – a feeling that you have just wasted a lot of time. Some of us try to trick ourselves into thinking we’re actually doing something by scrolling through our social media or playing a game. But there are things you can do to not waste your time and benefit from it.

But be warned: if you’re the driver, be sure to focus on the road, and don’t get distracted. It’s better to put gadgets that require looking at the screen away. Safety first!

Listen to a podcast

Learning something new can be really useful, and podcasts are great at that. But even if you don’t feel like learning, you’ll at least be entertained for the time being. It’s especially convenient if you can’t look at the screen due to driving or standing in a crowded bus. Just be sure to pay attention to traffic so you don’t get hurt!

Start learning a new language

There are great many apps and services available on the market that let you learn and practice languages whenever and wherever you want. If you happen to travel alone you can practice your pronunciation. If you are not behind the wheel you can practice the grammar. Win-win!

Manage your tasks

Getting organized first thing in the morning is a great idea! Your mind is fresh, and you will get a better outlook on your day. Try using apps that sync with your other devices, so when you get to your destination, your day is all planned. If you’re driving, try using voice recognition technology, so as to look ahead and not get distracted.

Set a fitness goal

Our gadgets keep reminding us that we don’t move enough. And it’s easy to forget about health with all the driving around we have to do. So take some time to think about how much can you spend moving today. Adjust your apps and fitness trackers, and maybe you’ll feel like skipping a stop or two, parking your car further if you’re driving, and walking on foot!

Read the articles you’ve saved “for later”

We all have a ton of bookmarked information that we have saved. “You definitely need to read this,” “this is so topical and informative,” “look at this!” Save, save, save. And we never come back to it. We either forget or just don’t have enough time. So make it your daily tradition – read your bookmarks on the commute. You could catch up on most of them during your first couple of trips!

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