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How to manage dips in energy

14 May, 2019

There are some days when it would seem that we haven’t done much, but our “batteries” are already on “low.” Tasks keep piling up on our desk, however we can’t bring ourselves to work, and it’s not even lunch yet. How can we prevent our body and mind from running out of energy? We have some tips for you:


Maintaining your energy levels:

Reduce stress

Improving your sleeping schedule, eating well, and listening to your mind and body can change a whole lot.Experts at WebMD state: breathing deeply, reaching out when needed, and tuning into your body can prevent stress, and, therefore, help save your energy supply.

Prioritize everything

Determining the most important tasks is at the core of productivity, and while scanning your list of to-dos, it’s tempting to mark everything as such. However, if everything is important then nothing is most important. If everything is urgent, then everything loses its urgency. That’s how you lose control and spend your energy on trying to organize yourself instead of actually resolving your tasks.

Work in chunks

Dawn Foster of the Guardia states that splitting her work into chunks helps to be productive for longer periods of time, while still having some flexibility in the schedule. For instance, batching work from different projects into sections and working on one section at once helps to stay focused on that task for a period of time and helps to avoid getting projects confused and your brain tired by jumping between them too quickly.


Recharging your brain:

Take power naps

Power naps are short 20-30 minute sleeping sessions that can help us get through the day.According to researchers they can help us stay more alert, boost our productivity, improve memory and health, and relieve stress. So don’t feel ashamed for taking a little nap during your lunch break.

Move throughout the day, get some sun, or meditate a bit.

Sitting for too long can actually cause fatigue rather than get rid of it. Small amounts of exercise and occasional meditation can stimulate the body and allow you to feel more energetic throughout the day. If you begin to feel groggy, try going for a brief walk.

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