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How To Use Voice Assistant For Productivity — Senstone

16 Dec, 2019

In this article we share some tips and tricks on how to make your work flow as smooth and efficient as possible with Senstone, learn how to use voise assitant. As technology gets more advanced, a device like a digital voice assistant has reached an unbelievable potential to improve the quality of life for a busy person. Always on point, it saves time and money by providing its users with the incredible level of organization and productivity. It can also help your focus and attention span as you do not have to regularly switch back and forth between activities. Besides, precious few wearables can project your image of a committed, modern person as strongly as this one. We find that time has come to remove negative associations from notes and logs as making and structuring them becomes fast and effortless. With this in mind, we have compiled our best ideas on how to use the voice recorder for the new age of opportunity.

Busy professionals around the world seek to achieve the best results without having to spend ungodly amounts of time taking and organizing notes manually, and Senstone is all the rage these days. It’s tiny, quick, and easy to use, and it beats conventional methods by a mile. But why settle for a mile if you can make it a hundred? Below we offer some of our thoughts on how to maximize your productivity with Senstone.

Quick Overview of Senstone Capabilities

In a nutshell, Senstone is a portable voice assistant. It employs a digital recorder and the app, it syncs together to process voice input. It is then pushed to the Cloud and transformed into coherent text. The text is organized by the backend AI, and the end result gets stored in the Cloud where you can access it through your account whenever you want.

It recognizes multiple (12) languages, so users all around the globe do not necessarily need to speak English for it to work correctly. All in all, Senstone is designed around the principles of productivity, efficiency, and freedom.

First of all, there is the voice recorder. It allows for seamless transition between activities. No more pauses to write down or type up a note. With Senstone there will no more annoyances, no more unnecessary hiccups in your workflow. In our opinion, this goes beyond simple convenience. Nowadays, focus is as much of an asset as currency and technology. The fewer interruptions, the stronger the concentration. And better concentration means more things done.

Now that we’ve mentioned doing things, how do we translate them beyond the workplace?

As a voice assistant first wearable, Senstone is screenfree and small, which makes it perfect for active and mobile people. You can be as flexible as you want, you can go anywhere. Senstone doesn’t need a case or a pocket. Are you at the wheel? Are you in front of your computer? Are you taking a walk? Senstone is just as efficient in the office as it is on a street. You can fasten it to your jacket. You can wear it as a pendant. Truly portable, it never restricts your movement and freedom of expression.

In fact, Senstone has no trouble doubling up as an accessory that makes a statement about your priorities. Things you wear can tell a lot about you, and a visible Senstone makes it clear you treasure efficiency and innovation.

How to Use Smart Voice Assistant?

And since we know you love lists, we have put together the key points of our philosophy that makes Senstone truly shine as a productivity focused device.

  • Carry it everywhere. You never know when you need your recorder, and you are going to need it often. Since Senstone is the definition of portability, nothing stops you from working on the go – literally.
  • If you feel you need to record something, press the button and speak. Don’t let the thought slip out of your mind. Long gone are the days of having to rummage through the drawers to get a piece of paper or to pull out your phone.
  • Structure your work as you go. Senstone lets you build a log that has no limits as to how ordered it is. It has hashtags, and keywords, and it can be of much help when you’ve accumulated more notes.
  • Reread your notes. This one might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes you’d want to take a step back and take in the bigger picture. What were you planning yesterday? How was your business tonight? How about a week ago? With the cloud at your service, nothing will ever be lost. With Senstone, your logs are safe and completely at your disposal.
  • Whatever you do, do it with style. Like a good watch, Senstone can perform its primary function and support your image at the same time. This forms a good impression and makes a lot of conversations go smoother.

To put it all together, Senstone is an example of when productivity has no disadvantages. You can personalize it however you wish, and it’s always there when you need a reliable recorder and assistant in one. Designed with you in mind, Senstone does exactly what it says on the can. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

What’s Our Ultimate Productivity Advice?

Senstone is for people who are determined to create and succeed, and want to have a complete log of their journey to the top. So whenever you use voice assistant Senstone, remember: you are making another step towards your great goal, and you’ve got every tool to win. Go for it!

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