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Glace Senstone

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Our bestseller: basic set includes Senstone in steel white color, charger, detachable clip and freemium app (iOS, Android). You can order additional products, such as extra charger, at the next step.

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Please see all important characteristics below.

Storage Capacity

Senstone continually syncs with your smartphone. When not in the range it stores up to 4 hours of recordings.

Best Performance

30 cm distance. Records from 1-4m distance in good quality as well.

Secured Data

Notes are encrypted on Senstone and during transfer. Choose Face ID in Settings to improve the security.

Freemium App

Free unlimited Basic plan and paid Accurate flawless transcription for a monthly fee starting at $12.90 / month and up to $14.90 / month.

Maximum Recording

Senstone Scripter records up to 60 minutes and automatically stops after 1 hour.

Automatic Speech-To-Text

Transcription is stored in your Senstone app with the original audio.

8 Days of Battery Life

Battery lasts on average for 8 days. Fully charges in 5 hours.

iPhone, Android

Supports iOS 13 and higher; Android 5+. Android Tablets and iPads currently are not supported.

Wireless Connection

Low Energy 5.0 and 5.1.


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