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Senstone Scripter

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x1 Device

x1 Magnet Clip and Pendant

x1 Durable Lace With Bayonet Closure

x1 USB Type-C Cable

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Please see all the important characteristics below.

Storage Capacity

Senstone continually syncs with your smartphone/ tablet. When not in the Bluetooth range it stores up to 2 hours of recordings.

Best Performance

10-20 cm distance. Short-range microphone for the best personal experience. Not designed to transcribe conversations or people around you.

Secured Data

Notes are encrypted on Senstone and during transfer. Anyone who needs access to the data will need access to your Cloud account so keep it secure.

Freemium App

Free unlimited basic transcription and paid Enhanced processing for a monthly fee starting at $12.90 / month.

Maximum Recording

Senstone records in 3 minute loops and automatically stops after the 3-d minute.

Automatic Speech-To-Text

Transcription is stored with the original audio.

4 Days of Battery Life

Fully charges in 3 hours.

iOS & Android

Supports iPhone 5s and higher; Android 5+.

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0.