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Go Premium With Accurate

8 Jun, 2021

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Accurate Plan For Senstone


It has been a couple of years since Senstone, the manufacturer behind voice-to-text recorders who took Kickstarter by storm, launched an upgraded version of the app and introduced a new premium service called Accurate. In the interview below we are talking with the company’s founder and CEO Nazar Fedorchuk who explains what the average user can expect from Accurate.


Charlotte: What is the idea behind Accurate?

Nazar Fedorchuk: We want to let people talk to machines like they would to other humans, and we want Senstone to become your personal secretary. Accurate is a productivity solution first and foremost. It’s for business people, drivers, content creators, students; for anyone who wants things done fast. No screens, no wires, hands free, straight to the point.

When it comes to recording information, there is a strong demand for efficiency. The year is 2021 and most people still type out their notes and schedules, which is counterproductive and distracting. You cannot do it while driving, on the bus or in a meeting.

While working on the concept of our very first voice assistant, we’ve come to realize the best way to overcome the lag between what you think and what you want to see on paper is to remove any sort of keyboard out of the equation. What we offer is fast and accurate voice-to-text transcription as good as writing things down yourself.


Charlotte: What does Accurate look like on the user’s end?

Nazar Fedorchuk: Well, we don’t want it to look like anything. You press the button on your Senstone recorder, say whatever you want transcribed, press the button again – and that’s it. The neural network does all the dirty work. When you open the entry in the app, it’s a clean, mistake-free, ready-to-go body of text.


Charlotte: So Accurate is basically the premium subscription for Senstone?

Nazar Fedorchuk: Yes. Sometimes good just doesn’t cut it and you need the best. This is where Accurate comes into play.

If you use Senstone, you have probably noticed that the “default” Senstone subscription is free. This is the Basic plan all users receive with their recorder. It includes unlimited voice-to-text transcription, keywords, hashtags, and reminders.


‘Senstone is more than a voice recorder; it has been designed with constant improvement in mind’. – Nazar Fedorchuk


Charlotte: What does Accurate have to offer that Basic doesn’t?

Nazar Fedorchuk: More productivity options and top-notch transcription on the fly. Say, you want to have your notes structures in paragraphs, typo-free, all presentable. Accurate can do that. It expands the app to include new tweaks for you to customize as you see fit. 

And Senstone is more than a voice recorder; it has been designed with constant improvement in mind. We hit 90% accuracy with Basic, but Accurate is even better at speech recognition. 

You will notice a recording looks much, much better after processing with Accurate than it does with the Basic plan. In the rare case where the machine couldn’t quite catch what you were saying, it will highlight the word in red. 

And since people tend to use a lot of place names, surnames, and technical terms in their day-to-day planning, Senstone has introduced personal vocabularies. Correct the transcription of a word once, and the system will remember your preference.

All those features are something we’ve been asked to implement by our users, and I’d like to think we’ve done a good job.


Charlotte: And the pricing…

Nazar Fedorchuk: Senstone has been trying to meet our customers’ needs every step of the way. We are always making sure users can have as much freedom of choice as possible. The longer your Accurate subscription, the less you pay per month, and you can revert to the free Basic plan whenever you want.


1 month – $14.90/month / expiring in 30 days

3 months – $13.90/month / expiring in 90 days

6 months – $12.90/month / expiring in 180 days


Charlotte: What is next for Senstone?

Nazar Fedorchuk: Don’t jinx it! In all seriousness, the team is working hard. We are devoted to making Senstone as good as humanly possible, and you can expect even more of the techno magic stuff.



This Is Just the Tip Of the Iceberg


For the Senstone instruction manual, click here (pdf).


If you have further questions regarding the recorder or face any issues while using our product, the Senstone support team is happy to help. You can contact them via team@senstone.io.


To receive news about Senstone, you can subscribe to the company’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. There is also a selection of blog posts covering the development of Senstone and various tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Senstone recorder on its website.


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