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Senstone New Year’s Resolutions

15 May, 2019

During last year we conducted a series of surveys and interviews. Not only did we learn that we have the best backers in the world – engaging, understanding, and supportive – we also discovered that beyond the desire to own a Senstone, almost everyone has an aspiration to grow and evolve on a professional and personal level.

This realisation inspires us, as a team, as a company. We work very hard to help these resolutions come true. Our goals go far beyond supporting our customers’ daily routines and flows. Our mission as a company is to enable people’s greatness, to let them become the best version of themselves.

Finally, to share some of our inspirations for 2018 and to give you an idea of how high is the bar, here are some of our backers’ aspirations for the next year:

“Publish my first book.”
Novelist, 45

“Try to be a good dad and boyfriend.”
Product manager, 42

“Write real-time diaries every day and during traveling, that way I can record my life, my trip.”
Software Engineer, 25

“Increase my efficiency; increase my productivity over time.”
Land Development Manager, 50

“Become more organized.”
Logistics Manager, 52

“Be more present in the moment to have productive conversations and engage in brainstorming, Achieve perceived extra productivity in the moment during the meetings.”
Informatics Pharmacist, 32


“Travel as much as I can. Write and create more.”
Nature & wildlife photographer, artist and writer, 40


“Pay more attention to my patients.”
Podiatrist, 45

“Reach my students better.”
Teacher, 60


“Write my memoir.”
Retired, 67


“Finish my research.”
Registered Nurse, 30


“Be a better interviewer. Focus more on the interviewee when I am speaking to him.”
Business Process Consultant, 29


“Use an iPhone or iPad less, especially at home where I can be seen by my child – that would be a bad example.”
Freelance photographer / stay-at-home dad, 44


“Create a great story or musical piece.”
Musician and writer, 28


“Write my blog more regularly.”
I’m a Secondary English teacher, 40


“Keep woring on my 3rd book and blogs.”
Account Recruiting Manager, 55


“Write a novel.”
Pastor and author, 56


“Improve productivity.”
System engineering manager, 58


“Improve my memory, reduce a bad feeling about myself.”
Mechanical Engineer, 37


“Try to catch up better with my patient cases. Enhance my workflow.”
Veterinary neurologist/neurosurgeon, 35


“My wife is hilarious! capture what she says so I can remember it forever :-)”
Software Engineer, 35

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