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Senstone: safety and privacy

14 May, 2019

When it comes to portable devices that can receive, store and transmit information, there are always concerns to arise. People want to be sure that their data is protected from unauthorized use and leakage.
In case of Senstone, there is another interesting issue. Since it does not look like a tech gadget, reminding more of a brooch, a pin, or a piece of jewelry, it is natural that people imagine using it for secret recording.

We hear these questions very often. Here’s what we have to say.

Concern #1: Data Security

We ensure the encryption of data, which is highly protected during its transfer over the air. We use standard security mechanisms such as OAuth2, HTTPS, and session tokens to manage the authentication and authorization, to secure the connection and communication, and then to encrypt the data on the backend.
We apply encryption to each layer of storage and communication (Senstone, mobile app, the сloud)* and prevent unauthorized access, even if you lose your Senstone. Senstone user is the only one who can access the recordings.

*  Recordings created with Senstone are stored on user’s smartphone and backed up in сloud. 

Concern #2: Recording Secretly

It is close to impossible to use Senstone for secret recordings. Firstly, each time you create a note, Senstone’s LED screen flashes, and there is a beep-sound to indicate the start of the recording. Secondly, you have to activate Senstone to record something; it cannot be left to run continually. Thirdly, Senstone has to be close to the speaker’s mouth: the optimal distance the for best performance is 8 inches (20 cm). To sum up, Senstone has been designed for personal use.

For more information, please check Frequently Asked Questions.

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