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Senstone vs. Smartphone

15 May, 2019

“By the time I work through Siri or Cortana, the thought or reminder has disappeared from my overactive brain.”

“I need to be able to record notes when driving without pulling off  the road or trying to unlock and use my phone.”

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When it comes to taking notes, Senstone is much more convenient than any smartphone. Here’s why.

It’s faster

We know you are busy. Sometimes you simply don’t have time to write down something important. Not mentioning trying to unlock screen, enter password and type. With Senstone you can take notes immediately, with the speed of thought.

With one tap recording activation, automatic transcription, and organizing, Senstone accelerates your notetaking.


It doesn’t distract you  

In the moments when you need to focus, be it driving or talking to somebody, Senstone enables you to take notes almost hands-free, so you can keep your attention on the road or an interlocutor. All audio and text notes are synced to the Cloud seamlessly, so you can always go back to them conveniently later.

It’s always around

The wearable nature of device says it all: it’s always there when you need it. You never have to look for it. 

With Senstone you can even take notes and create lists when it’s not connected to your smartphone and also when you’re offline. It automatically syncs your notes to the cloud when you are back in range.

It’s easier to use

You don’t want to forget something crucial or lose a train of thought just because of the hassle of using a phone. With Senstone you can record thoughts as they come. Just tap and speak. The rest is done by Senstone.

You’re in control of notetaking, not your phone

We bet you’ve been into situations when Siri or Google now would cut the recording while you were still dictating, just because you took a moment to make up your mind. With Senstone you decide when it’s finished.



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