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Compare to Voice Recorder

15 May, 2019

“As a writer (personal) and organization’s change strategist (business), I’m constantly doing research, drafting thought papers, blog posts or pitches. The problem is – as with most folks – I do my best thinking not at a desk/by a computer but walking, driving, commuting. Talking into my phone and then transcribing it is painful. Texting or emailing myself ideas is not always practical. Senstone sounded like an idea solution – not a voice recorder that I had to hold in my hand or remember to carry in my purse. I hope to tap my purse/knapsack strap and start talking and then later retrieve my transcript “uhs” and all. As well, I do a lot of formal mentoring and wish I could remember some of the ‘aha’ moments I have so I can expand them into tools or papers later.”

Senstone backer


No matter if you are a lawyer, a student, or an artist, we all have to record things from time to time, be it a follow-up of a meeting or an inspirational quote we’d like to keep. If you’re looking for an alternative for a digital voice recorder, you might want to consider Senstone. Here’s why:

It converts voice to text for you

Enjoy transcribing? Probably not. It takes up tons of time and is a pretty dull thing to do. Well, with Senstone you don’t have to worry about it. Using its speech-to-text technology, the device automatically writes down whatever you need it to.

It sorts things out for you

With a digital recorder (or a smartphone), your best option is to name your recording as soon as you make it as not to lose track of it. But we all know that sometimes it’s inconvenient. We leave it as it is, and later on, risk deleting the most vital stuff, or having to listen to hours of useless information and wasting our time while looking for the recording we need. But Senstone takes care of that for you. It sorts out your voice notes by date, content, location, or even a tag, and safely stores all the data in a cloud or keeps it in the integrated software like Evernote.

You’re not a dictation machine

Forget about words like “comma,” “period,” “new paragraph,” etc. Senstone is a voice assistant;  it’s designed to listen to your natural speech, understand it, and deliver the intelligent text with all necessary punctuation as if you have written it yourself.

It’s a no hassle user experience

Tapping Senstone will immediately activate it, so you can create and store information on the go. Wearable nature of device guarantees that you never have to look for it – it’s always with you on your neck or your collar. It might sound ridiculous, but Senstone’s size is one of its most important assets. Don’t worry about forgetting or leaving it somewhere. It’s always there, and it’s always ready.

It gives you more freedom

No need to look for the right spot to place recording device or postpone the recording session because you’re walking or driving. Senstone gives you a hands-free experience. Imagine that you have come up with a clever solution to your business problem while jogging. You certainly don’t want to change your pace to record it on your other device, or, heavens forbid, write it down. Just keep on going!

Senstone’s first generation (which is going to be on the market very soon) won’t be able to record lengthy lectures or hour-long meetings. However, if you have an everyday need to note down some meeting key points or educational material, or if spontaneous ideas dawn on you when you don’t expect it, Senstone will become very handy and you won’t be able to work without it.

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