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Speech-to-Text In 2021

17 Feb, 2021

With each passing year, Android speech to text apps are getting better and better at doing their job, and the voice recognition technology is reaching milestone after milestone. And the best thing about all this is that such powerful tools easily fit on your phone – or on the lapel of your jacket. What a time to be alive!


In 2021, voice to text apps offer much more than basic functionality. As a matter of fact, no frills conversion is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is what most users expect:

  • simple, elegant interface
  • multiple languages support
  • cloud storage & back-up
  • synchronisation across devices
  • spell checking & customizable dictionary
  • night mode
  • options for hands-free transcription
  • convenient entry sorting (tags, time stamps, file names, etc.)
  • effortless sharing for the text and the original audio

While the expectations listed above might seem too much to ask from a single app, the truth is they are perfectly reasonable. Artificial intelligence and cheaper memory allow for some neat tricks, such as auto correction, breaking up speech into sentences, and nearly perfect transcription fidelity. As for sharing, sorting, and so on, this is basic quality-of-life functionality.


Surprisingly, the wonders of modern audio conversion do not require expensive hardware. Pretty much any Android phone can handle even the newest speech to text app, not to mention online tools working in your internet browser.


The best is one click away. Do not settle for average.


Paired with a portable recorder to free up your hands, a speech to text app is a Swiss Army knife for voice recording and note-taking. It simplifies dictation and can be used in situations when typing is too bothersome – or when you just do not feel like it.


The best speech-to-text apps as of 2021 (in no particular order):

  • Senstone. Designed for the people who want to have it all. Rich in features as is, the app receives regular updates and upgrades. Perfect for writers, business people, students, and those who find a conventional keyboard just does not cut it. The app puts emphasis on user’s mobility and  hands-free dictation.
  • Dragon Professional. This is the solution for business and business only, and the “Professional” in the name is one hundred percent justified. Dragon mostly focuses on document management, spreadsheets, and search.
  • Otter. A cloud-based app, Otter is all about mobile devices and teamwork. When it comes to sharing, it really does go all out. If you work with a small team and your notes are meant to go public, odds are this app will fill the bill perfectly.
  • Speechmatics. This app is famous for its support of a wide variety of British and American accents, which is a feat just shy of magic. Highly accurate, works with pre-recorded audio, offers high quality English transcripts.

To learn more about Senstone portable recorder, visit our home page or check out the blog for posts on audio to text conversion and what makes Senstone one of the best voice recorders of the year – and the future.


Have a nice day and stay safe!


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