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What Is Senstone?

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Senstone Inc. is a U.S.-based tech company manufacturing AI-powered wearable recorders.

List of Senstone Products & Services


The current generation of Senstone recorders is dubbed Senstone Scripter.

Senstone Scripter is a miniature wearable recorder that can be clipped to your clothes or worn as a pendant. It uses AI for voice recognition and speech-to-text conversion. You can use Scripter to capture your thoughts and ideas, make to-do lists, take notes, and set reminders.

Senstone Scripter main features:


  • speech-to-text conversion for 12+ languages

  • automatic spell checking & syntax

  • audio recording

  • works offline

  • screenless


The one-button design allows you to record hands-free, using nothing but your voice. It’s faster than conventional typing, and you can take notes even while driving or jogging. This makes Scripter particularly useful for managers, journalists, doctors, content creators, care givers, and many, many others. Scripter is designed to boost productivity and help you remember everything that matters.

How Does It Work?


What is Senstone Scripter as a whole? The answer is simple: it’s a system where each part is built for accuracy and speed. This is what happens when you use Scripter:

1. Intention. You have decided to take a note. You reach for Scripter, clipped securely to the lapel of your coat. It takes a fraction of a second.

2. Press the button to start recording. Scripter has only one button. It takes up the entire front surface of the device, so you don’t have to look for it. Tap Scripter once, and you’re good to go.

3. Speak. Scripter will take care of the rest. Your voice will be converted into text, and if you used any keywords, such as “list” or “reminder”, the AI will format your note accordingly. Scripter will also save the audio file for your note, which you can always access via the Senstone app on your phone. If there is no internet connection available, the device will store your notes offline: up to 4 hours of audio.

4. Press the button again to stop recording. Short memos or long office meetings, Scripter can record for as long as you want it to.

5. Done!

Notes are processed by the AI and stored in the cloud. You have full control over your data. Edit, delete, or share your notes. Scripter connects to some common note-taking and sharing apps, such as OneNote and Gmail.

Okay, What’s the Catch?


There’s none. You only pay for Senstone Scripter once and it’s yours forever. While we do have a Premium subscription service, it’s completely optional.

If you want to know more about Scripter, here is something that might come in handy:

And if you’re the type to dig even deeper, you can access Senstone Scripter user manual (PDF).

You can also contact us using this page or via email, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Stay amazing!