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Taking Meeting Notes with Senstone

12 Feb, 2020

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Often we can think about how to take meeting notes in a quality and professional manner. And the answer is: with the help of voice recorder note taker Senstone. Technologies are developing at a very fast pace and are becoming smarter, therefore, we can say for sure that over time the penetration of voice assistants will only increase. People quickly get used to things that provide them with a fundamentally new level of comfort and convenience and open up new horizons. And voice recorder note taker Senstone gives us these possibilities.

To manage to record a bright new idea, people use improvised means: notebooks, stickers, random papers and even their own palms. We should not forget about the attributes of the digital age – special mobile applications. But it’s not always convenient to get your smartphone out of your pocket, so the Senstone team offers a solution to this problem through the use of a gadget, which turns a voice message into text in a matter of seconds.

Smart voice recorders are very popular devices that are convenient in many situations. They can serve as a convenient personal notebook for recording meetings notes, lectures, and can also be used by journalists during interviews or scientific applications.

If even 10-15 years ago, voice recorders were in demand by a narrow circle of those for whom it was exclusively a professional necessity (journalists, writers, secret services), then modern voice recorders have significantly expanded the audience of their fans. Today, their customers are students , researchers, businessmen, top managers, doctors ,ordinary citizens , etc.

Analog cassette recorders have sunk into oblivion – digital recording has long proved to users its undeniable advantage in many important qualitative and quantitative criteria. A modern voice recorder is a real work of digital art, a multifunctional miniature device, simple and easy to operate with incredible, at first glance, capabilities.

The main reason for this growth in popularity and audience was the constant improvement of voice recorders in such areas as:



quality recording and playback features;

simplicity and ease of management.

Senstone has created a device for recording voice notes and their decoding, which can be worn as a brooch, pendant or part of a bracelet. To take a note, just click on Senstone. To complete the recording, you need to click on the gadget again: it decrypts the recorded speech of the owner and stores it in the format of notes on the smartphone. Synchronization occurs via Bluetooth. If you cannot save the note on the smartphone, Senstone will send it to its internal memory, which holds up to two hours of voice notes.

According to the idea of the creators, the gadget helps not to miss the idea that it is not possible to fix in other ways. People often find it inconvenient to get a smartphone, and they do not record what they thought about. Senstone allows you to take notes during a meeting, on a run, behind the wheel, and so on. Created notes, reminders and tasks can be easily organized with the help of hashtags and by content, time, location and even emotional coloring.

Senstone is the last word in the direction of compact multifunction voice recorders. Its weight, size and capabilities are astounding. This is the latest innovation in this digital technology segment – a real dream for all who need a miniature, as easy as possible to manage, reliable voice recorder with high quality indicators.

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