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Tap, Talk and Done!

Let Senstone Scripter® help you get more things done, easily and effortlessly. Your notes are always with you, editable and easy to find.

New level of freedom

Clip Senstone Scripter® to your clothes or wear it around your neck/wrist and capture what’s on your mind, wherever and however you like.

Existing integrations

  • Microsoft OneNote
  • iCloud
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail

Integrations coming soon

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
Senstone scripter
Automatic Speech-to-Text

You speak and it puts it into neatly organized notes. Transcription are stored with an audio.

Maximum Recording

Up to 3 mins in Senstone Version 1, and up to 60 minutes in Version 2 in one take.

Transcription Accuracy

With Accurate Plan we offer up to 99% speech-to-text quality in general conversational language (English, Japanese, Ukrainian).

Noise Reduction

Professional microphone, medium range sensitivity.


All tracks are encrypted on the device and during the transfer.

Average 1 Week of Battery Life

2 weeks in standby.

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Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone Scripter®between meetings.


As great as it can be

It is like having a personal assistant to transcribe and organize your notes.


Software does speech processing of the audio and puts them into neatly organized notes.


A recording stored on your phone is backed up with your Cloud account.

Audio and Text

Store your notes with original audio files - everything in the app.

Todos and Reminders

Create lists and reminders with the keywords and hashtags. Search them by content and tags.


Edit and share your notes with others.


With Accurate we guarantee you are getting the highest quality transcription.

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icon interesting fact

Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone Scripter®between meetings.

More Features

Stay in the know

Learn more about our fresh offers and product updates as soon as they are released


Choose your style

The best material for Senstone to look and feel right. All models feature a scratch-proof tempered screen.

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Interesting Fact: Stay organized with Senstone Scripter®between meetings.



Please see all important characteristics below.

Storage Capacity

Senstone continually syncs with your smartphone. When not in the range it stores up to 4 hours of recordings.

Best Performance

30 cm distance. Records from 1-4m distance in good quality as well.

Secured Data

Notes are encrypted on Senstone and during transfer. Choose Face ID in Settings to improve the security.

Freemium App

Free unlimited Basic plan and paid Accurate flawless transcription for a monthly fee starting at $12.90 / month and up to $14.90 / month.

Maximum Recording

Senstone Scripter records up to 60 minutes and automatically stops after 1 hour.

Automatic Speech-To-Text

Transcription is stored in your Senstone app with the original audio.

8 Days of Battery Life

Battery lasts on average for 8 days. Fully charges in 5 hours.

iPhone, Android

Supports iOS 13 and higher; Android 5+. Android Tablets and iPads currently are not supported.

Wireless Connection

Low Energy 5.0 and 5.1.