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The Best Voice Assistant Comes From the Future

4 May, 2020

You cannot revolutionize a voice assistant, can you? Most people are so used to the image of a dictaphone or a phone app doing the recording that they almost never expect something completely different from the ordinary handheld devices. Meanwhile, technology has gone beyond common audio recorders, and the image of a recorder, let’s say, 50 years from now is going to be very different from what we are used to now.

As innovative as Senstone is in terms of redefining what a voice assistant is, it still falls into a pattern, a trend that we can have been able to see for quite some time. It’s the trend for portable smart gadgets, and it is going to be huge.

The future is bright for wearable technology, and even today we can also see significant advances in flexible electronics. As gadgets get smaller and smaller each year and the computers more diverse and powerful, we can see the tendency towards specialisation and more screen free solutions. This potentially means the wearable tech which is going to be built into our clothes or into flexible objects like bracelets or accessories, and this tech is going to have to be as unobtrusive as common clothes, or customers will find it lacking.

The speech to text technology is going to be just as standard a practice as typing is now. We might even expect voice commands to replace the conventional keyboard, especially for business and creative environments. This would mean faster results and quicker response time.

Unsurprisingly, another probable development has everything to do with artificial intelligence. We can safely say that soon AI and machine learning is going to be present pretty much everywhere in computer technology. Senstone can make educated guesses and predict the flow of words to better record its users’ conversational speech already; ten years ago that was nearly impossible. Based on advances in NLP (natural language processing), if the progress with artificial intelligence continues at the current rate, we might have 100-percent accuracy for natural language in our sights already. No doubt this is going to change audio recording forever.

The fact that you can ask “what is the best AI voice assistant” is an achievement in and of itself. Senstone can boast full AI integration: it governs all recording, spell-checking, and processing. Making sure you stay on top of things, the artificial intelligence behind Senstone is the same as used by Siri and Alexa, honed to perceive and understand your conversational speech.

Finally, we can judge and predict based on our own experience with the voice assistant community. By now people are tired of compartmentalising everything into multiple apps, even if the apps are connected with each other. They expect instant productivity, and they want their devices smart and customisable. Expectations dictate the direction of the market and research. And so we expect our devices to become our personal assistants, taking care of things and streamlining the boring, repetitive tasks.

Following the trends and keeping up with the newest discoveries, Senstone is much closer to what our grandkids are going to use in a few decades than what we use now.

Where the old-fashioned recorders fail, Senstone picks up and does a great job, giving you the advantage of future technology like no time traveller ever had.

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