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The Only Thing Senstone Users Care About

2 Apr, 2020

What defines the best lapel microphone is its efficiency and reliability with AI backed software. Most of the time, it’s not enough to simply record a note to self, as it’s only the tip of the iceberg. After the audio is stored in the cloud, it better not just sit there. When you pick up the recorder, you should expect to get more than an audio track.

So the short answer is: users care about speech-to-text quality.

Early attempts at speech to text technology were wobbly like the very first steps of a baby. Since then, it has grown and learned how to run and leap. Things that would have been deemed impossible a few years ago are taken for granted by pretty much everyone, and the progress shows no signs of stopping.

We have made it our mission to deliver Senstone users the most advanced experience in speech-to-text conversion to date. Senstone records good quality audio and translates it into text on the fly, storing it alongside the respective AMR/WAV recording. This way you’ll never miss a memo.

The transcript is automatically spell-checked by artificial intelligence. Apart from the standard functionality where the AI makes sure the individual words are spelled correctly, Senstone is now being trained to weed out any and all grammatical blunders. Your transcript will need a few edits to expand on a subject or insert a remark, but you’ll never find a stray spelling mistake or jumbled word order. The text will good to go right off the bat. We call it “enhanced notes”.

Sounds good? Sure it does!

But wait, it gets even better.

With Senstone, not only can you convert speech to text, but you’ll get a true digital assistant. The more you’ll use it  the more our backend grows accustomed to your unique speech patterns and words you tend to use most often.

Do you often use proper nouns even Wikipedia knows little about? Do you make heavy use of technical terms? Tired of correcting the autocorrected name on your phone? You won’t see Senstone make these mistakes. 

Your vocabulary is stored as a personal dictionary which you can view and edit at your leisure. Basically, you can fine-tune the recorder to suit your personal style.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

 – Arthur C. Clarke

What we are trying to achieve is a perfectly seamless experience; no mediators between you and your fulfilled expectations. You expect magic – you get magic, no in-betweens. We love it when you refuse to lower the bar!

You can buy a premium subscription now and gain access to the full benefits of working with Senstone. The subscription plan is flexible, and you can cancel any time if you want.

We offer three types of subscription:

  •         monthly
  •         quarterly
  •         six months

Everyone will get 30 notes / month of enhanced quality notes for English language. Our offer includes 100 notes on top of first 30 with access to all the advanced features of the digital assistant. Power of the AI and intelligent processing at your fingertips: automatic spelling and punctuation checking, reliable voice-to-text transcription, personal dictionary, tagging and highlights, private nouns recognition, sharing options, and many more will help you get the most out of Senstone.

If you want to learn more, visit the home page of this website or subscribe to our newsletter. And mark April 20 in your calendars as the day when you start getting perfect notes with Senstone.

Good luck!

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