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Type With Your Mind, Not Your Hands

13 May, 2022

It has been 57 years since Alvin Lucier used his brain waves to manipulate percussion instruments and create Music for Solo Performer (1965), one of the earliest and boldest experiments with brain-machine interface. Unsurprisingly, the system Lucier used was rather clunky, and his adventure seemed outlandish to many. However, the idea of unleashing human creativity was – still is – in the air.


Once you dream up something that exciting, nothing can stop you.


Scientists all over the world are dedicated to bridging the gap between man and machine, one way or another. Are they succeeding? To answer this question, think small.

  • voice search on your smartphone
  • eye trackers for gaming
  • educational AR apps
  • voice assistants
  • mind-controlled prosthetics


None of those things existed when Lucier first wrote a music piece with his brain waves. It took humanity less than 60 years to develop all this amazing technology! On top of that, all the cutting-edge inventions became common in a very short span of time.


The Big Goal


Meanwhile, Elon Musk promises we are going to be able to control computers with our thoughts within the decade. More and more people use speech-to-text to take notes. Voice interface has been making its way into the car industry.


Are we going to eventually ditch the crutches? Keyboards, controllers, buttons, switches, one by one? This question has been haunting us forever. Thinking about it made us come up with Senstone.


As of now, the regular keyboard moved into the background a bit with smartphones overtaking the market. Touch screens are perfectly convenient for many tasks, not to mention more versatile.


Good news? Sure. Still, something is missing. That something is: communication.


No matter how good you are at typing, there is no way to make it truly seamless. Keyboards steal our time. They restrict our mobility. There is nothing natural about squinting at the screen. If only we could think at the computer real loud and make it so.



Where our minds are capable of miracles, the technology does not quite match up – well, yet.


Small Steps, Giant Leaps


A wise man once said, ‘There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.’ The principle applies to changing the world as much as sorting emails.


Every time a solution is implemented to make a process more

  • seamless
  • natural
  • easy

it’s a step in the right direction.


Eventually there is going to be no place for something as unwieldy as your brand new phone. Bold concepts are going to become reality. We are going to collectively kill the keyboard.


Our Contribution


Talking got humans from pushing carts to flying jets, and speech is faster than writing or typing.


This is the reason why voice technology is so important for better human-machine interaction. Manipulating computers with your voice is as close as it gets to the perfect UI.


Since typing is a huge part of daily life, we have decided to streamline it. No more screens. No more having to physically type out words. Senstone Scripter is our way to precipitate the future.


To learn more about Senstone Scripter, check out our home page.

Good luck!

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